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vSecure Pay is a single button white labeled product. It can be added to your existing website to deal with e-commerce or donations. Due to your customers entering credit card information at the time of sale, you maintain the highest level of PCI security without having to store sensitive credit card numbers in house.
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Our Electronic Invoice system is ideal for service based businesses to quickly create and send and invoice directly to the customers email address. This invoice can be customized to incluce your logo, description and price of the invoice. Please contact us today for a free demonstration.
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ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Our ACH program, allows you to automatically transfer payments to and from your bank account without the hassle of handling checks, or going to the bank. This can be used for payroll, collections, recurring payments and more!

Comprehensive Reports
vSP offers multiple reports to manage your ACH returns, pending transactions, and transaction summaries. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips with vSP reporting.
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vSecure Processing is proud to release our new e-commerce solution. This new product allows you to reach out to your customers on a global scale. Today having a shopping cart is recommended, if not essential for any business.

We currently have a plug and play extension for Woo Commerce, Open Cart and Uber Cart
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Integrate Payments With Your Software

Companies that integrate vSP’s platform into their software offerings get significant benefits:

New Income
When a merchant signs for an account with vSP, our partner earns revenue on each transaction.

Differentiated Product
Set your company apart by providing an all-in-one payment solution; a valuable feature for any business.

Client Retention
Give new clients a reason to choose your software package over competitors and current clients another reason to renew/upgrade.

Higher Margins
Gain higher margins on current and new software versions by bundling in vSP or introduce new offerings based on our products.

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