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Payment Integration
Our developers portal offers access to API documentation, sample code and sandbox testing.


Integrate Payments With Your Software

Platform companies that integrate vSP's platform into their software enjoy increased value and generate new recurring revenue.  vSP has extensive expertise in secure payment solutions and working directly with software companies to provide full development support plus sales, marketing, implementation, and more.  With vSP you get more than just a vendor—you get a partner relationship.

vSP Platform

vSP isn’t a payment gateway – it’s a payment platform. When you partner with vSecure Processing, your clients get all of the features of a payment gateway, plus much more. Our CellSwipe mobile system turns your clients’ iOS or Android smart phone into a completely secure payment system with encryption and signature capture. The vSP virtual terminal enables processing on any PC. Clients can take any form of payment, easily set up recurring billing, and process in the U.S. and internationally. ISVs and SaaS providers that integrate vSP into their software application have a completely connected, efficient, enterprise payment offering for clients – all within the Cloud.


Developer Services

vSP delivers a set of business and technical services that help us work together effectively. Our business model is centered on you, our developer partners, to deliver our services exclusively through your channels. Through it all, you have access to our vSP Network to help grow your business.

We help you develop superior point of sale and payment acceptance solutions that meet your technical needs. You have easy access to 24/7 support, all the tools and resources you need, and effective integration methodologies to simplify payment integrations.

Our integrated payments technology is the engine for seamless transaction processing, automated reconciliation and integrated reporting. With vSP you also have access to technology for merchant value added solutions like vSP, which enhances your merchants’ purchase experience.

Our complete developer services include the following:



  • Attractive and competitive residual payment rates

Sales Support

  • Dedicated Sales Account Managers to help grow your business
  • Continuous business planning and ongoing engagement activities


  • Resources, development tool kits and support to create world class point of sale applications
  • Online training to help your channel sell more


  • Regular communications to help you stay in touch with us
  • Alerts for important notifications and more
  • Workshops, forums and conferences to share and discover the latest industry trends

Generate Revenue

Companies that integrate vSP’s platform into their software offerings get significant benefits:


New Income

  • When a merchant signs for an account with vSP, our partner earns revenue on each transaction.

Differentiated Product

  • Set your company apart by providing an all-in-one payment solution; a valuable feature for any business.

Client Retention

  • Give new clients a reason to choose your software package over competitors and current clients another reason to renew/upgrade.

Higher Margins

  • Gain higher margins on current and new software versions by bundling in vSP or introduce new offerings based on our products.


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